Enterprise Shield
NQ Mobile Enterprise Shield

The Ultimate MDM Companion

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NQ Enterprise Shield Features.

NQ Enterprise Shield requires an activation code from your IT Administrator. If you don’t have an activation code, download NQ Mobile Security.


Protects against malware, spyware, hackers and more.

Privacy Advisor

Secures the personal and financial data on your phone.

Internet Protection

Browse the Internet without worrying about phishing, fraudulent sites or malware.


Locate, lock and delete information from lost or stolen phones.

Network Manager

Monitor data traffic and receive alerts when you’ve reached your maximum data usage.

Backup Contacts

Backup contacts to the cloud and easily transfer them to a new device.

Protect what’s important to you.

Cybercriminals are increasingly using mobile devices to spread malicious code and steal personal and financial data.

Protect your smartphone.

Whether you’re working or playing, NQ Mobile’s advanced security features have got you covered.

It’s no wonder we have the world’s most popular and fastest growing mobile security product.

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