Smartphone protection for kids.

Peace of mind for parents.

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Locate your child at anytime.

Freedom Without Compromise


Monitor their activities online.

Protect them from the bad stuff.


Block calls & monitor text messages.

Relax, Mom - they’re safe.

Deciding if your child is responsible
enough for a smartphone isn't an easy decision.

Only parents can decide if and when their kids are ready for phones. If you’re considering getting one for your child, here are some questions that might help.

Will this device help keep my child safe?

For example, you could use parental controls to track their location or ask them to check in at their school when they arrive.

Will my child be a responsible smartphone user?

Will they agree to not send inappropriate texts or photos, turn it off at school, and not ring up a huge bill?

Will my child be okay with me using parental controls?

Even if your child is aware of the risks and does their best to stay safe, it’s important for parents to be able to monitor texts, photos, apps, and browsing, block inappropriate content, and use location tracking for safety reasons.

If you answered YES to these questions, you and your child might be ready to have “The Talk” about smartphone safety and choose the type of phone and privileges you’re both comfortable with.

NQ Family Guardian Features.

Use these great features to make sure your kids have fun and stay safe on their smartphones.

Web Filter

Safeguard your children by blocking inappropriate websites.

App Filter

Make sure the apps they use are kid-friendly.

Contact Filter

Prevent harassing calls or texts by blocking certain numbers.


Get a report with your child's locations, texts, calls, browsing histories, app downloads and photos.


Set up times when kids can use their phones and lock them for school or bedtime.

Know where your kids are, even when you can’t be with them.

Family Guardian will let you know where they're going and send you a check-in notification when they get there.

Get the inside scoop on what your kids do on their smartphones.

Monitor calls and texts

Prevent harassing calls or texts by blocking certain numbers. Monitor calls and text messages sent and received by your child's phone. Use Schedules to set up times when kids can make calls and send texts, or lock them for school or bedtime.

Out of sight, but not out of mind

Use the Family Guardian website to monitor your child's location. Receive alerts when the kids hit their check-in buttons.

Keep track of their photo albums

Monitor camera phone pictures to make sure they're safe and appropriate.

Monitor what they do on the web

  1. Monitor your child's web browser history.
  2. Block entire categories of websites using our Web Filter.
  3. Protect them from cyberbullying, inappropriate websites, and more.
  4. Use Schedules to choose times when your child can browse the internet on their phone.

Make sure the apps they use are kid-friendly

Choose specific apps to block from running on your child’s phone. Block new apps that they install--after reviewing you can choose to continue blocking them, or allow them.

Keep the bad influences out of their phone

Choose contacts from their call or text log to block or simply input the problem number.

Say goodbye to those nagging fears with strong protection.

Keep an eye on your kids’ smartphone activities and set specific times for school and play.

Protect your child’s smartphone.

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