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Phone Finder

Never worry about a lost phone again.


Protect yourself from mobile threats.


Your contacts are secure with our cloud-based backup system.

NQ Mobile Security Features.

Whether you’re working or playing, NQ Mobile’s advanced security features have got you covered.


Protects against malware, spyware, hackers and more.


Secures the personal and financial data on your phone.

Safe Browsing

Browse the web safely, free of phishing and mobile threats.


Keeps your device running at optimum speed.


Locates, locks and deletes information from lost or stolen phones.

Protect what’s important to you.

Cybercriminals are increasingly using mobile devices to spread malicious code and steal personal and financial data.

Protect your smartphone.

Today’s smartphones are tiny computers, complete with operating systems, storage and wireless access to company’s internal networks, making them a target for hackers and criminals.

That's where NQ Mobile comes in. Our award-winning technology provides complete protection for your mobile world — and everything in it.

NQ Mobile Security matches up to the competition.

Core Features* AVG Kaspersky Lookout Mobile McAfee Norton NQ Mobile
Price per year 14.99 9.95 29.99 29.99 29.99 19.99
On-device malware/spyware scanning and protection P
Real-time, cloud scanning of new threats P P
Safe browsing P P P
Privacy audit P P
Call + SMS blocking P P
Back-up and restore ( Contacts ) P P
Data monitor
Remote locate P P
Remote lock P P P P
Remote wipe P P P P
SIM removal alert P P P P
Scream alarm P P P P
Intruder photo P P P P
Anti-eavesdropping P
Financial protection ( mobile banking/ payments) P
= Free feature
P = Premium feature
* Although NQ has made every attempt to provide an accurate comparison using publicly available information, product details may have changed at time of printing

The ultimate protection for your mobile world.

Download NQ Mobile Security today.

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