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Maintain Your Privacy

Vault keeps your texts, contacts, call logs, photos and videos secret.

App Lock*

Want to protect an app? Take care of it with App Lock.

Private Browser*

Browse the web and download pictures without leaving a trace.

NQ Mobile Vault Features.

Photo, Video, Facebook and SMS privacy.

App Lock*

Facebook, Wechat, Email, Skype, Line, Tango…any apps you choose to lock will be protected with a password.

Hide Photos & Videos

They’ll be hidden and only viewable in Vault when the correct password is entered.

Hide SMS & Contacts*

Messages and call logs from private contacts will be hidden from the phone screen. Vault also hides all incoming message alerts and text messages from those contacts.

Private Chat

Add a Facebook friend to your Vault and have private chats away from the Facebook crowd.

Cloud Backup*

Back up your Vault files to NQ’s cloud space.

*Android only features
NQ Mobile Vault Features

Take control of your privacy.

Hide your confidential data from prying eyes.

We all have things on our phones we’d like to keep to ourselves. Vault alleviates the privacy risks you face by giving you discretion over what others can see.

Capture everyone who enters the wrong password.

Monitor who’s trying to see what’s on your phone and photograph them in the act.

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Passcode: 4628

Incorrect passcode

Protect your privacy.
Download NQ Mobile Vault today.

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